AVL Systems’ Sound Absorption Products attenuate reflected sound energy and a degree of low level diffusion, reducing noise, echoes, loudness, excessive  reverberation, boomy and muddied sound.

AVL’s AcousTech Wall and Ceiling Products have many advanced features that provide higher levels of performance and superior aesthetics not generally found in other products. Featuring acoustical substrates that are custom-formulated to AVL Systems’ specifications using an advanced European process, acoustical performance is very high yet competitively priced. AVL products are the value leader when comparing cost to performance.

AVL Systems’ Acoustical Products are full-featured and can be coordinated and finished with most decorative facings. AVL manufactures various product types for absorption including broadband absorbers, diffuser-absorbers, low frequency bass traps, and tuned frequency-specific absorbers.

The various types are as follows (please click product name to open cut sheet):

Product Performance Absorption

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