Wood: Acoustic Wood Panels

For a pleasing design with unmatched acoustics, you can turn to acoustic wood panels. They offer seamless integration of acoustic material with quality aesthetics. They are ideal for any interior space.


Acoustic wood panels are ideal materials for diffuser-reflectors, diffuser-absorbers, and are beautiful whether perforated, micro-perforated, or slotted.

tonewood natural acoustic wood wall panels

Tonewood™ Natural Wood-Faced Panel System

This acoustical system provides the attractive look of natural wood and comes in several shapes and sizes. Their sound enhancement can be enhanced with either AcousTech™ or TheaterBlack™ Backing, to help enhance their reflection capabilities.

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Binary Disorb™ X Diffuser-Absorber

Optimized semi-random patterns of perforations balance and promote desirable diffusing back-scattering of mid- and high-frequency acoustical sound energy with this diffuser-absorber. These panels also provide frequency-discriminate sound absorption.

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Prime7-2D™ Natural Quadratic Residue Diffuser

This two-dimensional quadratic residue diffuser back-scatters sound uniformly from all angles. It is optimized with the use of quadratic residue number theory and computer modeling analysis to provide the best diffusive scattering of returned acoustical sound energy.

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Prime7 Natural Quadratic Residue Diffuser in Music Room

Prime7™ Natural Quadratic Residue Diffuser

Prime7 provides one-dimensional broadband diffusion and wide-range scattering of acoustical sound energy without resonance, high-Q reflections, or unwanted absorption. The panels are constructed to dampen unwanted resonances and resist impact and damage.

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Superb Sound and Stunning Design

For over 35 years, AVL Systems has helped create innovative and affordable sound control solutions, such as acoustical reflectors, diffusers, and absorbers, for all types of projects and environments. They offer design with flexibility and choice that allow you to hear and feel the difference.

AVL Systems has a highly trained support team which provides unmatched service of the highest quality. If you need assistance, call AVL and put the team to work for you. The modern 36,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with the latest computerized CAD/CAM manufacturing processes and equipment.