Reflection: A Selection of Sound Reflectors to Fit Any Space

Acoustical Panels That Reflect and Concentrate Waves of Sounds

When you have a need for acoustical panels to reflect and concentrate waves of sounds, you are looking for sound reflectors. Our reflection products help in amplifying sounds without the use of artificial amplifiers. These products are best in larger spaces. AVL Systems produces sound reflectors that effectively distribute sound evenly across your space, which can help avoid areas where the sound quality is weak, too excessive, or cannot be heard clearly. We use AcoustiShell™, Acoustech™, and Tonewood™ for our reflectors.

What is Sound Reflection?

When you have a large space, sound can often be patchy, being louder in one spot, and difficult to hear in others. Sound reflectors help in these situations as they redirect and back-scatter sound spatially. They maintain desirable reverberation times, which helps improve musical and vocal clarity, volume, presence, and intelligibility evenly across the space.

When the space is large, there’s a chance of too much absorption, which can cause the space to sound flat and uneven. This is when diffusers and reflectors are most valuable.

Superb Sound and Stunning Design

For over 35 years, AVL System has helped create innovative and affordable sound control solutions, such as acoustical reflectors, for all types of projects and environments. They offer design with flexibility and choice that allow you to hear and feel the difference.

AVL Systems has a highly trained support team which provides unmatched service of the highest quality. If you need assistance, call AVL and put the team to work for you. The modern 36,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with the latest computerized CAD/CAM manufacturing processes and equipment.