Prime7™ Quadratic Residue Diffuser

Prime7 provides one-dimensional broadband diffusion and wide-range scattering of acoustical sound energy without resonance, high-Q reflections, or unwanted absorption. The panels are constructed to dampen unwanted resonances and resist impact and damage.

Prime7-2D™ Two-Dimensional Quadratic Residue Diffuser

This two-dimensional quadratic residue diffuser back-scatters sound uniformly from all angles. It is optimized with the use of quadratic residue number theory and computer modeling analysis to provide the best diffusive scattering of returned acoustical sound energy.

Acoustishell™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflector

These diffuser-reflectors are extremely rigid for low resonance and are more durable than gypsum products. AVL’s exclusive GeoMatrix core prevents unwanted ringing and resonances that color sound and tone.

Fresco™ Wall & Ceiling Products

Overview Fresco™ Wall & Ceiling Products feature a specially formulated face coating that provides the look of painted gypsum or plaster along with high performance sound absorption.  Fresco™ is highly customizable as wall & ceiling panels, baffles or ceiling clouds in various shapes and sizes. Fresco™ comes in either standard white or is available with custom… Continue reading Fresco™ Wall & Ceiling Products

Pyramid™ Diffuser-Absorber

Overview AVL’s Pyramid Diffuser-Absorbers are designed to provide sound diffusion with their multi-faceted surfaces. Pyramids come in standard white or custom gel coat color with a lemon-peel texture, or they can be wrapped with a decorative fabric facing to complement your overall design and color palette. Pyramid Diffuser-Absorbers are supplied in standard sizes and are ready… Continue reading Pyramid™ Diffuser-Absorber

Disorb™ Convex Diffuser-Absorber

Overview DiSorb™ Convex Diffuser-Absorbers are designed to achieve sound diffusion through their curved surfaces and absorb sound through innovative tuned componentry. Manufactured to the specification type required, these barrel diffusers provide a desirable wide-range diffusive scattering of returned acoustical sound energy and moderate absorption. DiSorb™ come in standard white or custom gel coat color with… Continue reading Disorb™ Convex Diffuser-Absorber

AcousTech™ Ceiling Baffles

Overview AcousTech™ Ceiling Baffles are decorative, high-performance and highly customizable vertical ceiling treatments that are suspended from overhead structures. They are designed to effectively control excessive reverberation, noise and echoes that interfere with the intended use of your space. AcousTech™ Baffles are constructed from (2) layers of 6-7 PCF fiberglass board bonded together, that is… Continue reading AcousTech™ Ceiling Baffles

AcousTech™ Ceiling Clouds

Overview AcousTech™ Ceiling Clouds are lightweight, free-handing acoustical products for horizontal mounting in open ceiling areas. AcousTech™ Ceiling Clouds showcase decorative designs and shapes to customize your space while providing a high level of sound absorption and noise control. They are constructed from 6-7 PCF fiberglass board that is wrapped with a decorative fabric facing… Continue reading AcousTech™ Ceiling Clouds