Tonewood™ Natural Wood-Faced Panel System

Overview ToneWood™ Natural wood-faced panel systems provide the attractive look of natural wood and come in several shapes and sizes to fit the architect’s overall design. ToneWood™ Natural panels and planks are constructed with fire rated cores that are layered with real wood veneers. applications ToneWood™ Natural is the ideal decorative wall & ceiling treatment… Continue reading Tonewood™ Natural Wood-Faced Panel System

AcousTech™ Reflective Wall & Ceiling Panels

Overview AcousTech™ Reflective Wall & Ceiling Panels are decorative, high-performance and highly customizable reflective panels that are designed for both wall and ceiling applications. AcousTech™ Reflective panels are constructed from 6-7 PCF fiberglass board with a thin reflective membrane that reflects sound without absorption or conversion of energy. These panels are then wrapped with a decorative… Continue reading AcousTech™ Reflective Wall & Ceiling Panels

Acoustishell Arcwood™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflector

Overview AcoustiShell ArcWood™ curvilinear diffuser-reflectors are offered with attractive wood veneer, laminates and custom finish facings to complement your designer’s color palette. The numerous shapes and curvatures available provide various elements of diffusion and longitudinal back-scattering of sound energy as well as opportunities for various aesthetic designs. Canopied arrays and grouping by the installer may… Continue reading Acoustishell Arcwood™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflector

Acoustishell™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflector

Overview AcoustiShell™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflectors are constructed of FRP composites, are extremely rigid for low resonance and are more durable than gypsum products. Internal dampening is standard on all FRP AcoustiShell™ with AVL’s exclusive GeoMatrix core, which prevents unwanted ringing and resonances that color sound and tone. Different shapes and curvatures are available to provide various… Continue reading Acoustishell™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflector