AcoustiShell ArcWood™ curvilinear diffuser-reflectors are offered with attractive wood veneer, laminates and custom finish facings to complement your designer’s color palette. The numerous shapes and curvatures available provide various elements of diffusion and longitudinal back-scattering of sound energy as well as opportunities for various aesthetic designs. Canopied arrays and grouping by the installer may allow the acoustical consultant to design and achieve non-periodic responses and grouped sequencing. AcoustiShell ArcWood’s flat and curvilinear shapes are designed as architectural features to redirect and back-scatter sound spatially and coherently to audience listeners while maintaining desirable reverberation times. The scattering of sound and early reflections by curved shapes improve musical and voice clarity, volume, presence and intelligibility while helping to provide a more intimate connection with performers and their performance on stage. 


AcoustiShell ArcWood™ is the ideal wall & ceiling treatment where sound must be reflected without absorption or conversion of energy. Some applications include:

Auditoriums — Performing Arts Centers — Worship Space — Sanctuaries — Schools

Key Features

  • Wood Veneer, Laminates and Custom Finish Facings
  • FSC Certified Materials Available
  • Factory, Pre-Formed Shapes for Consistent & Uniform Appearance –           NO On-Site Bowing Required! Ready to Install Upon Receipt
  • Custom Perforation Options Available for Increased Acoustical Absorption
  • Can Be Installed Individually or as an Array or Canopy
  • Various Shapes & Curvatures Available
  • Easy to Install with Fully-Concealed Mounting Hardware Included
  • Sound Absorption with Optional AcousTech™ or TheaterBlack™ Backing

Technical Features

  • Core: Fire Rated FRP or Fire Rated MDF
  • Thickness: ¾”
  • Sizes: Any Size Up to 48″ x 120″
  • Special Sizes & Shapes: Available Upon Request
  • Facing: Wood Veneer, Laminates and Custom Finish Facings
  • Finish: Natural, Stain, Lacquer, Paint, Custom
  • Fasteners: Factory Installed Eyebolt Attachment Points or Ribs & Returns for Ceiling Suspension; Wall Mount with Wood Cleat Installation (By Others)
  • Weight: 3-4 lbs/SF, Typical
  • Sound Absorption: Optional AcousTech™ or TheaterBlack™ Backing
  • Dimensional Tolerance:  +/- ¼”
  • Fire Performance: Class 1/A, UL 723 / ASTM E84

Acoustical Data

Acoustical Performance - Absorption Coefficients


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