ToneWood™ Groove natural wood-faced panel systems provide the attractive look of natural wood in addition to our high-performance acoustical technologies for effective control of sound. ToneWood™ Groove panels are constructed with fire rated cores that are layered with real wood veneers. Grooves create a linear flow on the panel face, and the level of accentuation is determined by pattern selection and spacing.  Exceptional looks, features and performance insure interior spaces sound and feel comfortable for occupants to enjoy without feeling fatigue or strain during their time using the space. 


ToneWood™ Groove is the ideal decorative wall & ceiling treatment for rooms and spaces where sound and noise control are a consideration. Some applications include:

Lecture Halls — Auditoriums — Performing Arts Centers — Churches — Recording Spaces — Music Rooms — Office Buildings — Courtrooms

Key Features

  • Wood Veneer Face is Grooved from a Range of Design Styles & Pattern Options
  • Rear of Panels are Relieved Using Various Porting Patterns for the Effective Control of Specific Ranges of Sound
  • Groove Size, Configuration and Selection of Straight or Compound, Double-Diameter Rear Ports & Chambers Determine Frequency Range & Level of Absorption
  • Optional Black Acoustical Fleece Backing
  • FSC Certified Materials Available
  • Additional Absorption of Low Frequency Sound Energy May be Obtained with Simple, Alternate Mounting Methods
  • Custom-Printed Digital Imaging Available
  • Easy to Install with Fully-Concealed Mounting Hardware Included
  • Up to 10 LEED Credits May Apply With Installation of These Products

Technical Features

  • Core: Fire Rated FRP or Fire Rated MDF
  • Thickness: ¾”
  • Panel Sizes: Any Size Up to 48″ x 120″
  • Standard Plank Size:  5″ x 96″
  • Special Sizes, Shapes & Groove Patterns: Available Upon Request
  • Standard Groove Options: 2MM, 3MM & 4MM Grooves
  • Edge Profile: Flush or Reveal, Plain or Wood Finish; Tongue & Groove Available
  • Facing: Wood Veneer, Laminates and Custom Finish Facings
  • Finish: Natural, Stain, Lacquer, Paint, Custom
  • Fasteners: Z-Clip, Z-Bar, Ceiling Lay-In; Tongue & Groove Edges for Aligned Installation
  • FSC Certifications: FSC Mix, FSC 100%
  • Sound Absorption: Optional AcousTech™ or TheaterBlack™ Backing
  • Fire Performance: Class 1/A, UL 723 / ASTM E84

Acoustical Data

Acoustical Performance - Absorption Coefficients


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