Prime7-Fe™ is an attractive, furniture- grade hardwood wall system easily installed to most any architectural surface. It’s decorative finishes and profiled design combine to provide single-dimension mid-high frequency diffusion for control of flutter echo, while preserving the natural ambiance of the space. Type – LFA (optional) has rear reliefs engineered to provide additional absorption below the frequency range of the diffuser cut-off frequency. Additionally, Prime7-Fe™ profiles can be installed with a rear air space and with slight separations, along with a glass or polyester fiber back-layer for increased low frequency absorption. This product is a quadratic residue design derived from mathematical number theory sequences for reflection phase grate principles, then precisely manufactured to provide a combination of mid-high frequency diffusion with low frequency absorption; all in one product. Finished profiles are solid core materials to prevent resonances and resist damage. Finishes are factory applied on standard or customer specified wood species.


Prime7-Fe™ is ideal for rooms and spaces where flutter echo is a consideration. Some applications include:

Performing Arts Centers — Lecture Halls — Music Spaces — Recording Studios

Key Features

  • Provides Single-Dimension Mid-High Frequency Diffusion for Control of Flutter Echo Without Deadening the Room
  • Furniture-Grade Wood Acoustical Moldings for Ceiling & Walls
  • Factory Applied Finishes to Standard or Customer-Specified Wood Species
  • Custom Stain Options Available to Coordinate with Designer’s Color Palette
  • Helmholtz Mounting Option for Added Low-Frequency Absorption
  • Type-LFA (Optional) has Rear Reliefs Engineered to Provide Additional   Absorption Below the Frequency Range of the Diffuser Cut-Off Frequency
  • Solid Core Materials to Prevent Resonances & Resist Damage
  • FSC Certified Materials Available
  • Up to 10 LEED Credits May Apply With Installation of These Products 

Technical Features

  • Core: Manufactured Hardwood Plank
  • Thickness (Nominal): 1″ (102 mm)
  • Sizes (Nominal): 4″ x 96″ for Most Wood Species
  • Standard Hardwood Options: Maple, Cherry, Oak, Poplar
  • Finish: Natural, Stain, Lacquer, Paint, Custom
  • Installation Methods: Nail, Screw, Adhesive, As Required
  • FSC Certifications: FSC Mix, FSC 100%
  • Fire Performance: Class A

Acoustical Data

Acoustical Performance - Absorption Coefficients
Acoustical Performance - Diffusion Coefficients
Acoustical Performance - Type LFA - Absorption Coefficients

Acoustical Performance Summary


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