Prime7™ is a computer-optimized 1-D diffuser design utilizing quadratic residue diffuser number theory and periodic reflection phase grate principles in a highly finished acoustical product that can be mounted to most architectural surfaces. These products are precisely engineered and manufactured to provide one-dimensional broadband diffusion and wide-range scattering of acoustical sound energy without resonance, high-Q reflections, or unwanted absorption. Prime7™ are meticulously constructed to dampen unwanted resonances and resist impact and damage.  It comes standard with a matte white painted finish, which provides excellent light reflectivity.  Custom color options and optional fabric facings are also available. 


Prime7™ is ideal for rooms and spaces that require diffusion to help scatter and blend the sounds in a room for the listening enjoyment of both music and speech. Some applications include:

Auditoriums — Performing Arts Centers — Lecture Halls — Convention Centers — Churches — Music Spaces — Recording Studios

Key Features

  • Quadratic Residue Prime7™ Periodic Reflection Phase Grate Diffuser
  • One-Dimensional Diffusion with Wide-Range Scattering
  • Two-Dimensional Diffusion & Sound Scattering Can Be Achieved by Grouping Installed Products in an Altering Pattern Array
  • Sequence Same for All Diffuser Sizes
  • Designed for Ceiling & Wall Installations
  • Matte White Painted Finish Provides Excellent Light Reflectivity
  • Custom Color Finishes Available
  • Prime7™ Ceiling Diffuser’s Precise Tolerances & Mono-Block Construction Insures No Resonances, Rattles or Sympathetic Vibration Will Be Caused or Heard, and High STC Ratings are Achieved
  • Optional Decorative Fabric Facings from Guilford of Maine or Designer Selections from Maharam, Carnegie, DesignTex, Knoll, & More!

Technical Features

  • Thickness (Nominal): 4″
  • Sizes (Nominal): 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 4’x4′
  • Edge Profile: Square or Tegular
  • Finish: Matte White Painted Finish
    • Optional Colors and Fabric Facings Available
  • Installation Methods: Tilt & Place in Standard T-Bar Grid Systems, Cleat Mount for Wall Installations
  • Weight:  1.1 Lbs/ Square Foot (Same As Commercial Ceiling Tile)
  • Fire Performance: Class A

Acoustical Data

Acoustical Performance - Absorption Coefficients
Acoustical Performance - Sound Diffusion & Scattering


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