Prime7™ BiFractal is an attractive broadband acoustical product that diffuses sound uniformly from all angles of incidence. This product is a quadratic residue design derived from mathematical number theory sequences for phase grate technology, then precisely manufactured to provide what can only be described as a diffuser nested within a diffuser, together providing uniform back-scattering of sound energy within it’s own frequency range without lobing associated with periodic arrays or unwanted absorption due to viscous losses between wells. Finished profiles are solid core materials to prevent resonances and resist damage with standard or customer specified wood species.


Prime7™ BiFractal is an ideal solution for rooms and spaces where single-dimension broadband diffusion is desired. Some applications include:

Music Spaces — Recording Studios — Auditoriums — Performing Arts Centers — Lecture Halls — Churches 

Key Features

  • Natural Wood Broadband Diffuser that Diffuses Sound Uniformly from All Angles of Incidence
  • “Diffuser Nested Within a Diffuser” – Together They Provide Uniform Backscattering of Sound Energy Within Its Own Frequency Range Without Lobing Associated With Periodic Arrays or Unwanted Absorption Due to Viscous Losses Between Wells
  • Wood Veneer, Laminates and Custom Finish Facings
  • Custom Veneers Available to Coordinate with Designer’s Color Palette
  • FSC Certified Materials Available
  • Finished Diffusers are Constructed and Machined from New, Impact-Resistant, Process-Molded Materials that Prevent Resonances and Resist Damage
  • Up to 10 LEED Credits May Apply With Installation of These Products

Technical Features

  • Thickness (Nominal): 9″
  • Sizes (Nominal): 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 4’x4′
  • Facing: Wood Veneer, Laminates, Custom Finish Facings & Fabric Options Available
  • Finish: Natural, Stain, Lacquer, Paint, Custom
  • Installation Methods: Cleat, Nail, Screw, As Required
  • FSC Certifications: FSC Mix, FSC 100%
  • Fire Performance: Class A

Acoustical Data

Acoustical Performance - Diffusion & Scattering - Mid-Range Frequencies
Acoustical Performance - Diffusion & Scattering - High Frequencies


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