Prime7-2D™ Natural is a two-dimensional quadratic residue diffuser that diffusers and backscatters sound uniformly from all angles of incidence. Its solid wood construction is an attractive complement to architectural design and is suitable for wall and ceiling applications. This product’s design is optimized with the use of quadratic residue number theory and computer modeling analysis, then precisely manufactured to provide desirable, two-dimensional diffusive scattering of returned acoustical sound energy. 


Prime7-2D™ Natural is ideal for rooms and spaces that require an effective, lightweight, acoustical product that diffuses and back-scatters sound where noise control is a consideration. Some applications include:

Auditoriums — Performing Arts Centers — Lecture Halls — Convention Centers — Churches — Music Spaces — Recording Studios

Key Features

  • Two-Dimensional Quadratic Residue Diffuser
  • Diffuses and Backscatters Sound Uniformly From All Angles of Incidence
  • Wood Veneer, Laminates and Custom Finish Facings
  • Custom Veneers Available to Coordinate with Designer’s Color Palette
  • FSC Certified Materials Available
  • Design is Optimized with the Use of Quadratic Residue Number Theory & Computer Modeling Analysis, then Precisely Manufactured to Provide Desirable, Two-Dimensional Diffusive Scattering of Returned Acoustical Sound Energy
  • Designed for Ceiling & Wall Installations
  • Optional Decorative Fabric Facings from Guilford of Maine or Designer Selections from Maharam, Carnegie, DesignTex, Knoll, & More!

Technical Features

  • Thickness (Nominal): 4″
  • Sizes (Nominal): 2’x2′
  • Edge Profile: Square or Tegular
  • Facing: Wood Veneer, Laminates and Custom Finish Facings
  • Finish: Natural, Stain, Lacquer, Paint, Custom
  • Installation Methods: Cleat Mount for Wall Installations
  • FSC Certifications: FSC Mix, FSC 100%
  • Fire Performance: Class A

Acoustical Data

Acoustical Performance - Sound Absorption & Diffusion


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